A Virtuous Woman

According to commentators who are better versed in the Old Testament than I, Proverbs 31:10 is an acrostic poem with an interesting question as an introduction.

Who can find a virtuous woman? Who can find a wife of noble character, one translation says. The question implies the search is either impossible or very difficult, which is probably one reason why preachers begin wedding ceremonies by saying that marriage “should not be entered into unadvisedly or lightly.”

The passage has two basic components. One is how the inspired word of God characterizes a good wife, and the other is how she is praised for her good works and fear of the Lord.

A wife of noble character is of more value than jewels. She constantly works and produces good things for her husband, her family and the poor. Her skill is known by many. Since she is never idle, she reaps the praise of her family and her grateful husband.

Her reverent respect for God is a hallmark of her noble character. Everything she does is rooted in her love for God. Her works are a reflection of her loving and obedient heart.

Why do her children rise and call her blessed? They so call her because all her life has been an example of holiness and purity. Her life has been an example of sacrificial love. Her children learn from this example and attain good, happy lives. They have come to learn lessons of God and obedience from her.

Not only is she to be praised, but her entire life has been an offering of praise to God. She is indeed more valuable than many jewels.

Certainly these words are inadequate to describe my blessed wife. For Judy.

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