A wonderful weekend in Ga.

Vicki and I were blessed to be with the Allenhurst congregation today, and with our good friends Richard and Deirdre Mansel this weekend. We were impressed with everyone’s friendliness and with the church’s kindness and patience toward my presentation about the work in the evening, and with the generous comments about the lesson, based on Jeremiah 9:23-24, during the morning assembly. The time we had with Richard and Deirdre was precious.

This was only our second time to be with the Mansels. We’d met briefly for the Forthright Festival a few years ago.

Tomorrow we begin making our way back through Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas.

Most of this week will be spent saying goodbye to family members, our sons and daughters-in-law and grand-daughter, as we prepare to return to Brazil Sept. 21.

So, emotionally, we wind down, though there are still contacts to be made and tasks to complete. We’ve made progress in our objective, though it hasn’t been reached at this point in time.

A final note: My mom has an appointment tomorrow with a specialist to investigate further her heart problems. Please say a prayer for her.

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