About Me

Randal mentioned a bio in an off site email. Here is a short one.

Hello to all, I am 68 year old male, living in Shamrock, TX (located at the crossroads of I-40 and Hwy 83) in the Eastern TX Panhandle. I have been a Christian since 1966, being baptized in Phoenix, AZ, where I also met and married my wife. I have two daughters and a son. One daughter (oldest) and son were baptized in their teens, however none are living their lives as Christians. I have seven grandchildren, ages 10 to 18 (graduated May). Our first grandchild lived about 24 hours; was born with reversed heart valves; in 1988. For a number of years I ministered in grief support which I got involved in through a Christian professor who had lost his son about the same time. I presently moderate a Christian grief support group. I have taught adult, teen and pre-teen classes with my wife as an aide. I found that when teaching teen and pre-teen classes it is wise to have a female available to answer some of the questions of the young females. Worked out well for us.