Enjoy the thoughts of our participants as they share insights into the Bible, the church, society, tendencies, mission and spirituality. Share your ideas as well.

You’ll see mention of our Fellows. That’s our term to refer to the contributors on the site, since a “fellow” is “a person who is frequently in the company of another.”

Every day or two the webmaster suggests a Daily Nudge as a point of reflection and discussion for the Fellows. They’re free to include other and any ideas they find useful as well.

This site is a service of Forthright Press.

For simplicity’ sake, the guidelines for our posters are included below. For them and for potential contributors, we offer “10 advantages to sharing your content on TFR.”


Once you’re logged in, there’s a place to post on the front page, so you don’t have to go behind the scenes, in the dashboard, to do all the funny stuff. Just go here:


and you’ll see a greeting, the Daily Nudge and a place to post.

It’s very simple, and after you post, it updates the page automatically.

There are advantages, however, to posting from the admin area, where you have more control over the format and URL.


You have four possible formats for posts. The four options are located at the top, above the greeting. The automatic setting is a status update, as if it were Twitter, but no character limits. Just a box to type text and a field for tags.

The only difference between the status update and a blog post is that the latter is given a title. I like titles.

Then there are the quote mode, which gives you a separate field to insert a quote and then the citation information, and the link mode, which I’m not yet sure what it does other than use it as a category.

These four are also used for categories, which you need not be concerned with just now.


Be sure to describe the content with a tag. A tag should be one or two words at most, rather than a string or phrase. Two or three tags per post should do the job, each one separated by a comma, like this:

self-control, federal powers, love, Bible


When you’re logged in, you’ll be directed to the dashboard. At the top are options within wordpress.com. Under “My Account” you can click on “Edit Profile” and add a small picture of yourself, called a Gravatar, that will show up on the website, rather than the little box of geometric shapes. A picture brings visual interest and helps the person identify with the author.


1. Please don’t consider The Fellowship Room a place merely to post links to your content on other sites. What we want most here is content, your original material, consisting of thoughts, meditations, reflections, biblical notes, practical observations. Here are some suggestions.

2. We like quotes, but do provide some of your perspective as well. Tell us what you think about them and what they have to say to our situation today.

3. Be as positive as you can (only a few situations have little to redeem them), gracious in every case, obviously concerned and loving in your choice of words.


You’re free to post as often as you wish. Dynamic content, updated often, will keep people coming back. Just make sure it’s something enough people will want to read. 😉

The Daily Nudge is a suggestion, a thought starter you’re free to use or not. If you do, you might want to rephrase the question, to give the reader an idea of the question you’re addressing.


That question prompted my reply that frequency of posts should be often enough that regular readers will remember you and get a feel for your style and approach. Our ideal is for Fellows to post one paragraph in one post per day, at least.


The number of words will obviously be determined by the nature of the post. Remember that we’re not a site for articles and in-depth studies, but on occasion lengthier items are not out of order.

When you have something that’s longer, please break the article after three or four paragraphs by inserting the “More” tag after one of those paragraphs. The tag keeps text following it from showing on the front page.


We don’t impose any kind of format on the Fellows. However, please do pay attention to spelling and a clean text, otherwise, the reader won’t stay with you. Informal style is fine and good, but be careful to avoid being too choppy.