Abstinence Education

The Cybercast News Service reports:

An independent task force assembled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  to issue recommendations on the best way to teach teens how to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases has reported that “comprehensive risk reduction” programs are more effective than abstinence programs, even though the CDC will not release the data the task force used to reach its conclusion.

Supporters of comprehensive sex education in public schools have a greater agenda of sexual liberation, which is manifested in a host of aberrant lifestyles.  When sexual barriers fall, society begins to crumble as a study of history will discover.

Parents need to be teaching their children about sex education so these young people will be prepared. God invented sex and completely supports it within the confines of marriage (Hebrews 13:4). When Christian parents fail to teach their children to be sexually pure and healthy, they do them a dangerous disservice and can bring great harm to the family for generations.

People criticize Abstinence Education in schools because they fail to understand the bigger picture that is required for it to be successful. When Abstinence is taught and young people have sex anyway, it is seen as evidence of the inherent futility of the program. Yet, if they would understand that Abstinence Education does not happen in a vacuum and that there are many complications that occur, they will be less critical of abstinence and more so of society, as a whole. It will work if we will live righteously as a nation.

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