Acts 17:11

Enough is enough! For years, this has bothered me, and I can contain it no longer! What am I talking about? The FACT that we have forgotten the Bereans and Acts 17:11. Now I ask you…would you have the nerve to “check up” on the Apostle Paul? Well, he congratulated the Berean brethren because they “searched the Scriptures daily” to see if what he told them was the truth. Why have we lost this? The church is rapidly becoming no different from a denomination, and this is the root cause. Those of us who are members rely on the preacher to tell us what we are to believe. Those of us who are elders refuse to accept the responsibility of preventing the “hireling” from poisoning the food of the sheep. Those of us who are preachers…and here is the real crux of the matter…have been brainwashed into believing what our professors have told us and not looking into the real source, the Bible, for the Truth. How do I dare say this? Look at the outcome, and ask yourself: Why are we again debating instrumental music? Why do some preachers advocate female leaders and even dare to allow a woman to use their pulpit? Why the recent move to assure unity at the cost of compromising the Truth? Why preach forgiveness without repentance? Why preach that baptism is nice but not really necessary? I could go on and on. The point is this: No sermon by any man will get you to Heaven if it is not true. Each and every Christian has a God-given responsibility to read the Scriptures, to be positive the preacher is preaching the truth and only the truth, and to expose those who are not so doing.
What say ye?