Acts 2:38 Revisited

Acts 2:38The hope is to fill out these talking points, used in the pulpit Sunday morning while a baby screamed, and post it on my weblog. This week looks dismal for it, however. So here it goes in cryptic form.

1. General Application: “repent”. Third person plural. Applies to all. Luke’s special interest (Lk 13:1-5; 24:47). Needed emphasis today.

2. Personal commitment: “each one of you be baptized”. Third person singular, imperative. Has to be an individual decision. Baptism means becoming a disciple, being a part of the group (2:41, 47). The end of sin, the beginning of service.

3. Messianic mandate: “in the name of Jesus Christ.” By his authority. As if he were here — Luke wrote about what Jesus began to do and teach; here, he continues teaching and saving.

4. Purpose: “for the forgiveness of your sins”. Sin separates from God, forgiveness permits fellowship with him. Jesus wants us to know why we do what we do. Same construction as found in Matt. 26:28. “Baptism now saves us.”

5. Result: “you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”. A difference between purpose and result. Gift is the Spirit (think, a present of a shirt).  He is the power for transformation of life and service of proclamation.

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