10 advantages to sharing your content on TFR

tfr-logoHere are ten advantages of posting to The Fellowship Room. These are mentioned here (a) to encourage our present Fellows and (b) to motivate others in the Lord’s church who might be interested in joining in our fellowship fest.

  1. Anybody and everybody can read your posts. Your content isn’t hidden, but accessible to all. (By content is meant posts, articles, poetry, links, quotes, etc.) In places like Facebook, not everyone can access your contributions and posts. Readers often come to TFR through search engines.
  2. You share links to your content in other places via the automatic Publicize feature. When you post, notices automatically go to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Tumblr, without you having to lift a finger.
  3. You can share links manually on sites and social media that you frequent. Your friends from other sites and social media can therefore see you on TFR.
  4. TFR brings you strength in numbers. You’re not out there alone trying to get attention. You get encouragement and support from a considerable group of admins and participants. TFR is already a well-established site, using the strong WordPress presence and software on the Internet.
  5. You contribute to a site that shares your convictions. You’re among like-minded people. Other Fellows (TFR contributors) are sympathetic to, and supportive of, fellow Fellows. Many of our readers are Christians. Your links also are shared on many of the GoSpeak/ Forthright ministry sites.
  6. You have your own author link on TFR. For example, here are the author links for Ed Boggess, Eugene Adkins, and Johnny Polk. With this link people see all your posts. You can add it to your email signature or webpage.
  7. You have a potential starting audience of over 3,000 readers. You are able to get beyond your circle of acquaintances.
  8. You aren’t tied to a specific day or frequency for your contributions. We like to see frequent contributors. Our ideal is for Fellows to share a perspective in a paragraph per day. But you choose when, where, what, and how to share, without guilt, without anyone on your case.
  9. The theme we started with and continue to use today employs an easy-to-use comment system, as well as a “Like” option. These allow for integrated and convenient interaction. We’ve had some long discussions on TFR. This is possible because the comments are made in real time, added automatically without having to refresh the page.
  10. You can post easily both from the dashboard, which allows fine-tuning, and from the front page in several formats, like status, blog post, quote, and link. Just type and post!

See the About page for how we work here. If you’re a New Testament Christian, and not a member of a denomination, who shares our convictions, why not join us here, so we can all be strengthened together? Drop me an email at randal@fastmail.fm and let’s talk.

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