Advantages to writing your own scriptures

I’m most of the way through my reading of the Koran now (Arberry’s translation), and have been taking note of numerous problems therein. This morning I read sura 49 and found Mohammad’s instructing readers regarding their maintaining good manners in his presence. This must be very important, since it is tied to their forgiveness. One of the many advantages when you feel at liberty to write what you claim are God’s words and then bind them on everyone else. It says:

“O believers, raise not your voices above the Prophet’s voice, and be not loud in your speech to him, as you are loud one to another, lest your works fail while you are not aware. Surely those who lower their voices in the presence of God’s Messenger, those are they whose hearts God has tested for godfearing; they shall have forgiveness and a mighty wage” (vol. II, p. 230).

Of course, the gospel of Christ enjoins reverence toward God alone–not toward an alleged “prophet.”