Boll weevils

Enterprise, Alabama, boost one of the strangest monuments in the world. A memorial to an insect. A boll weevil, exquisitely carved in stone. Unusual don’t you think?

Here’s how it happened. In early plantation days almost everyone around Enterprise raised cotton. Then came the boll weevils. Those nasty little insects came by the millions, harvesting each year’s cotton crop before the farmer had a chance to.

Finding no way to beat the vicious creatures scientists, including George Washington Carver, started looking for another crop.

Peanuts! That was their answer. Peanuts! Wasn’t long until cotton gins were a thing of the past in those parts—boll weevils, too. Enterprise blossomed as the peanut capital of the world. Farmer’s profits soared.

Folks in Enterprise decided to give the boll weevil his due. They had hated that destructive little insect. But he forced them to develop a better way. So they erected a statue to honor the critter.

That horrible problem you’re facing may be the best thing that ever happened.

Sometimes it takes a painful situation to make us change our ways.

Proverbs 20:30: Blows that hurt cleanse away evil, As do stripes the inner depths of the heart.

“Thoughts For Today to Brighten Your Day” by Glenn, Mercedes and Lauren Hitchcock