After near death, the baby went home

• Yesterday I asked Twitter and Facebook friends to pray for our sister in Christ Paula’s niece, 6 months old, who fell from her stroller and got hung by the neck. The doctor didn’t think she was going to make it. Today, the baby went home. Exams showed no immediate damage, but she’ll go back to the doctor every month for a good while to check for long-term damage. If it weren’t for a neighbor who gave first aid, the baby would not made it alive to the hospital. As it was, we believe the many prayers offered by saints was heard.

Paula called a few minutes ago and, besides the news about her niece, asked now to pray for her brother and sister-in-law, who seem to be open to hearing the gospel.

• Have I mentioned that I’m writing a poem a day during April, Poetry Month? It’s a challenge, for sure, to maintain a certain level of quality, which I’m already not famous for. Then there’s the tendency to fall back into comfortable themes and repetitive rhyme and meter schemes. Here’s the list of poems thus far.

• This morning, I tweeted about my Ask page, where I entertain any question at all. I hooked one, about the invitation song.

• Rick reported issues on making comments. I see none have been made recently by anyone, so it may be a general problem. Hang in there. The powers that be ought to get it straightened out soon.

• As mentioned in an earlier post, today’s reading is Acts 15, and on our congregational site, I wrote five reasons why that meeting wasn’t a church council. I’d hoped to translate it into English, but I’m not sure I’ll make it now. I looked at the translation in Google translator, but it’s not so great. The devotional I write in Portuguese is also following the NT reaching schedule, and it talked about Paul and Barnabas causing a stink in Antioch when circumcision was taught as being essential to salvation.

• The new Bulletin Digest website was well-received. The challenge is to keep it synchronized with the print edition. Or, one should say, to keep the website within its objective of encouraging subscriptions to the print magazine. The website isn’t an electronic version of the magazine, but basically a showcase for it.

• Barbara Ann was going to be traveling this week, as I recall, in Costa Rica — or has she gone to Honduras? — and be out of range of the Internet. Will she survive?

• We enjoyed Richard H.’s audio of “Excuses,” a few days ago. I’d like to see more audio and video links posted here. Since we’re hosted by and haven’t paid extra for those media, a great workaround is to send it to and then add a link here, as he did. Yup, just send anything to the email above — no prior registration required — and they’ll set it up really nicely. Try it and see.

• The study Bible notes on Acts are moving slowly. Is it worth continuing? I probably will, just to be stubborn. But it hasn’t caught on as I’d hoped. I subscribe to the Preacher’s advice, “Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land (Eccl 11:2 NIV), but with an addenda: You do not know which of those ventures will take off and be a success. So when that’s done, we’ll try something else.

Have a great evening!

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