Ahead: hidden opportunity

Leaving around 6 a.m., Wife and I took Daughter this morning to São Paulo, an hour and a half trip, when traffic is clear, to catch the bus to camp. This next week she will serve as a monitor for ages 10-13. The following week she’ll be a camper during the week for ages 14-17. So she’ll stay at camp straight for two weeks. Gonna be quiet around the house.

While at the spot where the rented buses would take campers and crew, waiting for everyone to register and load bags, I spent an hour and a half talking with a brother from São Paulo about a difficult situation he’s in, working with a small congregation there in the capital city. He has a good opportunity arising, but few options in terms of taking advantage of it. I provided him some important perspectives and situational information that he was unaware of. He was grateful for that.

Say a prayer that the Lord will open the doors for him and the saints in that area.

My point here is this: We never know the opportunity that may present itself if we’re open to it, rather than focusing only on a narrow purpose or task, in my case, delivering up a child to camp. That time spent with him may well have made a major difference in the direction he’ll now take.

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