Along Other Avenues

Yesterday, at the occasion of the “adversarial dialogue” conducted by the Warren Apologetics Center, I had a brother express his opinion to me that I quickly interpreted as unfortunate. I was ready on that occasion to engage in verbal combat; I restrained for appropriate reasons, but I was disappointed in what I heard from him.

The brother is a professor at one of our (smaller) universities (I say “our” because it is tied directly with “churches of Christ”). He is well educated and tries to pass along his knowledge to students, especially preacher students. It sounds like he is doing much good.

“I discourage men from attending preacher schools” he said to me. He explicated a bit: “If one wants to further his education with accredited schools, preacher schools are not the way to go. We only take half of the accumulated work and each transfer student starts out as a sophomore in that particular field of a Bible major.” This is the sense of what he said to me (the first sentence in quotes is nearly an exact quote, with the remainder being rather close).

He probably intended no disrespect, but if so, I did not hear it. I do remember hearing, on the other hand, stories along the line of farmers taking their NT and at the end of a row they were plowing, stopping, reading a particular passage of their NT, then committing it to memory as they plowed the next row (or rows).

In my biased opinion, men who do such things as that, with that kind of training like many of our pioneer preachers actually did – have all the accreditation the Lord wants! On the other hand, if a person wants to attend a school that has some accrediting qualities, then that is fine; I hope, however, the student who so attends is not dismissive – in any way – those who are educated along other avenues.

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