An Agnostic’s Perplexity

“Even when one feels nearest to other people, something in one needs obstinately to belong to God and refuse to enter in any earthly communion – at least that is how I should express it if I thought there was a God. It is odd, isn’t it? I fell passionately for this world and many things and people in it, and yet … what is it all? There must be something more important, one feels, though I don’t believe there is. I am haunted. Some ghosts, from some extra mundane regions, seem always trying to tell me something that I am to repeat for the world, but I cannot understand the message” (Bertrand Russell, quoted by J.P. Moreland in “Does God Exist?” A debate between J.P. Moreland and Kai Nielsen, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1990, pp. 73-74, emphasis in original).

Interestingly, these remarks were made in 1918, but he put them into his second volume of his autobiography, which was printed in 1968.

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