An assessment of the church in 1928

“I find that there are three stages in all religious movements: The first is the fighting stage, when people are few and humble, and lean on God for support. At that stage they all fight and try to overthrow the teachings of men, as the Jews did as recorded in Deut. 7.

“The second stage is the stage of greatness; we become strong and respected and want fine houses and big schools like the sects around us. The Jews reached that stage when they rejected God and wanted a king, to be like other people.

“The third stage is the age of compromise, when we don’t want the differences between the church of Christ and the denominations debated, for fear we will hurt somebody’s feelings. I fear the church of Christ is in the third stage today, and will be followed by spiritual death if some change does not come.”

(J. D. Tant, Gospel Advocate, January 5, 1928 [quoted in Fanning Yater Tant, J. D. Tant—Texas Preacher, p. 413]).