An Old cowboy musing

An Old Cowboy musing, since I have been doing some reading today. It’s common knowledge that I grew up in an Oklahoma oil field town, and my past endevors and lifestyle produced the “cowboy” nickname. Because of those experiences I am not afraid of most things. However, when it comes to a good Bible study and the things folks write or even say, I get nervous when I read or hear “It is my opinion.” My mind instantly drifts back to the old TV show Dragnet/Badge 714. Early in the series the phrase was “All we want are the facts,” and later “Just the facts ma’am.” My ears can still hear my mother chastise my father because of his choice of words, “don’t talk so loud the kids will hear you.” As you are out there this week preacher, check your facts first, and be careful what you say, or write.