An Overlooked Aspect of Holiness

Sanctification requires great courage.  If you mention this to some Christians, they will vilify you for lacking faith. However, faith and courage are two separate matters. Faith says we can do it. Courage helps us take the steps  and deal with the faces of those standing on the side, shaking their heads and filling the air with acrimony.  When we diminish the necessity of courage, we fail to validate one of the components of sanctification.

God never said that discipleship was easy. We must be brave and strong to face the fiery darts of the wicked (Ephesians 6:16). Would we dare to say that those who faced persecution and certain death in the Roman arenas were not courageous? If not, then why not the Christian who faces a fiercely evil world that refuses to lose?

If we, in our clean, ordered world, fail to realize the inordinate struggles that some endure in their Christian walk, we will lack the necessary empathy and will be unable to bear the burdens of our brethren (Galatians 6:1-2).  Let us open our eyes and understand the challenges that our brethren face.

Be courageous and remain strong against all of Satan’s forces and enter into the glories of heaven.  Amen.

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