“And as he approached the grand climax of…

“And as he approached the grand climax of earnestness and eloquence in his rousing exhortation, he not infrequently unbuttoned the collar of his coarse, home-spun shirt. Throughout his exhortation he perspired profusely, wildly gesticulated, frothed at the mouth, poured forth a mighty torrent of bad grammer [sic], yelled at the full strength of his powerful voice, took frequent and copious draughts of water from a gourd, out of a home-made cedar bucket on the pulpit before him, and blew a perfect snow-storm of froth over the audience in every direction.”

Description of old-time preachers in the 1800’s, quoted in F. D. Srygley, Seventy Years in Dixie, p. 210.