… And you’ll never believe what happened next!

I hate stories that include the phrase above, or similar such nonsense, in their titles. Just give me the information, please, rather than such teasers.

But the problem is, they actually work, because they play off people’s curiosity. Curiosity is a powerful motivator. It rises from a desire to know, which was one of the temptations that Eve gave in to.

Not for nothing did the saying arise, “Curiosity killed the cat.”

So the old soft drink commercial has universal appeal, “Try it, you’ll like it.”

And secrets hold a special interest, compelling people to commit all sorts of stupidity to discover them.

All because the human being was created to know. He was created to know God. Except he traded the best, most satisfying knowledge for trinkets and baubles, only to discover that such inferior information only left him thirsty for more.

It’s the old Coca-Cola trick — go heavy on the salt, cover it with tons of sugar, get people hooked with caffeine.

And it’s impossible to break the curiosity/knowledge addiction. Man found himself hooked. But God intervened.

And you’ll never believe what happened next — Jesus Christ came in the flesh!

Now that’s something that ought to pique our curiosity!