Glenda’s Glimpse – Douglas and I enjoyed watching the Freed-Hardeman lectures this past week online. We didn’t get to watch all of them but what we saw, we really enjoyed. With so many states voting in abortion up to the point of birth, I was encouraged to hear one speaker say, “God is still in control.” I was glad to hear Dale Jenkins say he has an app on his telephone called ECHO where he keeps a list of the people he is praying for, and it sends him an alert when it is time to pray for those on the list each day. Isn’t that wonderful? I immediately downloaded it and have been using it since learning of it.

I was reading my Bible this past week and noticed the times that Jesus got angry. There were times when I could have understood had he gotten angry but there is no indication that he did. For instance, remember when he was asleep in the back of the boat and the waves were getting rough. The men were scared and yelled to wake him up. Now, who among us wants to wake up and especially to screaming, right? There is no indication that he was angered.

I think Jesus was perturbed at the disciples for not being able to heal a child on one occasion, but no indication he got angry. He had different emotions just like we do, didn’t He?

It is hard for me to keep my anger and frustration in check when the world around us seems to be collapsing into socialism or communism. Who would have ever thought abortion even to the point of birth would even be thought of much less an accepted practice? Oh, it angers me greatly. I wish I could do something about it. And what about the new lady running for the highest office wanting to get rid of the cows, airplanes, and tear down all public buildings and rebuild them. Are you kidding me? Anything goes. But I must remember that God is still in control.

The greatest thing I can do for my family, my church, my country is to pray for it. Pray for your enemies the Bible says. I feel like I have lots of enemies in government right now, but I must remember to pray for them, and pray for them I will. But most of all, I must pray for myself that I can set my sights and goals on loftier goals and press on toward the mark of the high calling in Christ. He’s waiting and watching and knows all things even before they happen. He has a plan for my life, and for yours. We must be open to His leading and obey His will. That way we can never, absolutely never, go wrong. May God help us to do so.