Another Year

By J. Randal Matheny © 2015

Your grace has brought me safe to another year,
I hardly know how I got from there to here.
While I look forward to a whole year ahead,
I pause to see the year behind that fled.

And flee it did — the winged minutes flew,
Though hours were many, pauses were precious few —
Here, before the still, closed grave;
There, in waters of faith, for God to save;

Again, where powers clashed, the heavens rang
With clanging swords, and angels lightly sang;
And once, when lightning fell in angered rolls,
While Providence spared by seconds a soul, or souls.

So at the end, I ask: did I redeem
My time, did I direct this rushing stream
To the greater glory of God, the eternal Name?
If time was wasted, who but me is to blame?

More important, how can I repent
To change my ways and hours so badly spent?
Of a whole year, God gives no guarantee,
But a single day to use — not two — not three.

We say, “If God wills,” and make our plans,
Aware that every hour is in his hands.
With thanks and thought we see the year gone past,
And live today as if it were our last.

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