Anywhere on earth in an hour

air travel• Mike Benson is back writing his Fidelity column on Forthright Mag. Glad to have him contributing there again. He continues with his KneEmail devotional, mostly edited articles from around the net.

• A nighttime cityscape for the new TFR header. Opinions? Ferreting these out on the web are always a challenge.

• Larry M. and Weylan D. are off to Polishing the Pulpit, in east Tenn. Any others?

• Summer series, held mostly on Wednesday nights, we presume, are winding up for many American churches. These were unheard of a few years ago. Now it seems most congregations have joined the bandwagon. Why their popularity?

• Barbara Ann was to have returned to the U.S. today from Central America, after several months in Honduras and Costa Rica. We hope she’ll be more connected and able to be around a bit more.

• Volume 5, as it is styled, of World Evangelism’s Global Harvest magazine is now available online.

• Get to any point on earth within an hour. That’s the mission of DARPA’s HTV-2 plane (photo above), flying at Mach 20 (not 2.0 but twenty) today. The test didn’t go so well. But if they perfect it, I’m ready to fly in it. Think about it: from Houston to São Paulo in, say, 20 minutes.

UPDATE: This is post number 5,100 for TFR.

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