Appreciation shown in a big way

My high school classmate married and moved from our small town, and hasn’t returned in almost fifty years. We were separated for many years. One day her name was mentioned at work and I asked if they had her address. I contacted her. My friend told how she remembered our hometown, how she imagined certain flowers were blooming, and how she would like to come home from Michigan and see the azaleas. Her homesickness tore at my heartstrings. I decided if she couldn’t come that I would send our hometown, and all the beautiful flowers, to her by way of a homemade video.

On a Saturday morning my husband and I rode out to the city welcome sign and we headed back into town. The radio was playing music that was popular when we were in high school. I videotaped the beauty of our town. We stopped at fellow classmates businesses and told them what we were doing. They talked to her through the camera as if she were there with us, even showing pictures of their children. We went and visited an aunt and uncle that she had not seen in years. They showed us family pictures, and their garden, and I kept the camera recording. Finally we went to our home and ended the video there. We packaged the video and mailed it to her.

My friend called me soon expressing her appreciation for “the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her.” I was pleased that she was happy with it. She called later and said to be expecting a package from far away, and with instructions if there was any breakage I was to let her know. She would handle any problem from Michigan. I could not imagine what she was having shipped to me. Finally, the package arrived. Much to my surprise, she had ordered eight Waterford Crystal iced tea goblets from Ireland, to express her appreciation for the video. My best glasses up to that time had been tulip goblets from Walmart.

My friend and I continue to stay in contact with each other. She and her husband moved to north Alabama a few years ago and we have enjoyed visiting in their home. Her expression of appreciation was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.

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