Apr. 1. Parable of two Harlots

Ezek. 23:1-49

The Lord spoke to Ezekiel depicting His people as two harlot sisters who had been with Egypt. Samaria was represented by the older of the two and Jerusalem was seen as the younger. Even though they belonged to God, both had looked to Egypt for aid and support against their enemies instead of relying upon their Lord in their time of need. Samaria also had lusted after Assyria and God gave her over to her lovers, the Assyrians.

Jerusalem, the younger harlot sister also had lusted after the Assyrians. Instead of learning a much needed lesson, after seeing the fate of her older sister, her life became more corrupt. Along with the Assyrians, Jerusalem formed alliances with Babylon, but later became alienated from them.

Because of her unfaithfulness, God revealed to Ezekiel that He would stir her alienated lovers up against her. He proceeded to describe the violence that she would endure at their hands because of being defiled by their idols. She would drink, “The cup of your sister Samaria.”

Sometimes one may ask, “What have I done?” If that question had come from Jerusalem, the prophet had the answer—a long list of specific sins that the people had committed against God. His judgment was sure. “They shall repay you for your lewdness…Then you shall know that I am the Lord God.”