Apr. 10. Jesus Speaks in the Temple During the Feast of Tabernacles

Jn. 7:11-29

This was the first time that Jesus and the apostles had been in Jerusalem since He had left about eighteen months earlier to escape the death threat of the Jews.

Jesus went into the temple about the middle of the feast and began to teach. The people were amazed at His bravery and the way He spoke. They knew that He did not have a high degree of formal education. He explained that His words were not His own, but were from the One who had sent Him.

As Jesus spoke out on hypocrisy and other issues, the Jews began to question His origin. They reasoned that the Messiah would come from some mysterious background, but this Man had come from Nazareth. Since Nazareth was a place of low esteem, they did not accept Him.

Some of the Jews stated that the Scriptures had said that the Christ would come from Bethlehem of the seed of David. They had either forgotten or had ignored the fact that Jesus was indeed born in Bethlehem.