Apr. 18. Temple Preparations Made

I Kin. 5:1-18; II Chron. 2:1-18

Solomon’s father, David had been a close friend with Hiram, king of Tyre and that friendship continued between the king of Tyre and Solomon. Soon after he had settled in as king of Israel, he began to make preparations to construct the temple of God that his father had been prevented from building. Since God is everywhere and cannot be contained, the temple was not to actually house Him, but was a place for the people to worship Him.

Lebanon was a land of abundant timber that could be used for building. Solomon sent a letter to Hiram proposing that he would provide grain and wine in exchange for the timber and craftsmen to oversee the work. Since Hiram needed the grain and wine, that was a win, win deal and he replied to Solomon his agreement to the proposition.

Logs were tied together as rafts and floated to Solomon where they were taken apart and moved overland to the building site. In an age of primitive mechanization, many thousands of workmen were required to prepare the timbers and stones for the temple construction.