Apr. 19. Lamentations for Restoration

Lam. 4:1-5:22

A bleak and unimaginable picture of Zion/Jerusalem was presented. The former things were like gold that had become as clay pottery. Desolation was everywhere. Sometimes, death is a blessing. Mothers were cooking and eating their own children. Dying by the sword would have been better than dying of starvation.

Much of the responsibility for Judah’s suffering rested upon the shoulders of their false prophets and governmental leaders. All who are in positions of leadership have a sacred obligation to execute the duties of their offices in a godly manner for the benefit of their constituents. However, that does not negate one’s individual responsibility to fear God and keep His commandments.

Imagine the heartbreak of seeing one’s inheritance being taken by a stranger. The land of milk and honey that was promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and had been given to the Israelites had fallen into the hands of other nations. They were suffering the results of the sins of their fathers. Even though not guilty of his father’s sins, many times one must endure the effects of that sin. With humility and confession, the lamenter turned to God in prayer seeking restoration. “Turn us back to You, O Lord, and we will be restored…”