Apr. 19. Solomon Builds God’s Temple

I Kin. 6:1-38;
II Chron. 3:1-17

On the second day of the second month of the fourth year of Solomon’s reign as king, the temple construction began in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah on the threshing floor site that David had purchased from Ornan. Considering that a cubit is eighteen inches, the foundation of the structure was ninety feet long, thirty feet wide and forty-five feet high with an additional fifteen foot vestibule extending from the front.

The stones for the temple foundation were completely sized at the quarry so there would not be the metallic sounds of any hammering or chiseling at the construction site. Even as large and elaborate as the stones were, they were covered with cedar beams and boards. The walls were cedar panels and the floors were cypress. All of the wooden surfaces were overlain with gold. There were also ornate carvings of cherubim and flowers.

Immediately inside from the front vestibule was the inner sanctuary and beyond that room was the Most Holy Place. Two cherubim were placed inside the Most Holy Place. Their wing spans were fifteen feet each and they stretched across the entire room. They were also fifteen feet high. Surrounding the temple were smaller rooms built against the outside wall. After a construction time of seven years the temple of the Lord in all of its splendor was completed.