Apr. 20. Furnishings of the Temple

I Kin. 7:13-8:9;
II Chron. 4:1-5:10

Huram, a master craftsman from Tyre was responsible for the bronze work around the temple. There were two bronze pillars eighteen feet tall and about five and one-half feet in diameter with various decorations adorning them. They were set up on each side the vestibule. A bronze Sea containing about twelve thousand gallons of water was placed at the southeast corner of the temple. Many other lavers, carts and decorations of bronze were made for the temple by Huram. The Sea and lavers were used for ceremonially washings of the priests and common people. It was also necessary to wash the sacrifices.

Upon completion of the temple, the various holy furnishings of the tabernacle were moved to the newly constructed temple of the Lord. The most notable item was the ark of the covenant placed in the Most Holy Place under the wings of the cherubim. It only contained the two stone tablets that Moses had placed in it at Mt. Horeb. Apparently, the pot of manna and Aaron’s rod that budded had been lost.