Apr. 22. David and Jonathan Part Ways; David’s Flight

I Sam. 20:1-21:15; Ps. 56:1-13; 34:1-22

David continued to hide from Saul. He went to Jonathan to inquire of his safety. As the two friends talked, David made a covenant with Jonathan that he would not cut off his kindness toward his house forever. Jonathan evidently knew that David was the future king instead of himself. Years later, David respected that covenant in a very special way.

The day of the New Moon was a special feast day for Israel. David was expected to be at the king’s table during that time. However, fearing for his safety, he informed Jonathan that he would not be there. They devised a signal that would indicate if David could return to the king’s house or must stay away.

After the feast of the New Moon, David and Jonathan met one last time before parting. It was a touching farewell as the two men, “Kissed one another; and they wept together, but David more so.” David departed and Jonathan returned into the city. Only one more brief meeting between the two friends is recorded in the Scriptures.

After leaving Jonathan, David went to Nob. He went to the priest seeking food and weapons. The priest believed his story of being there on business for the king and gave him Goliath’s spear and holy bread from the tabernacle. Doeg, an Edomite, Saul’s chief herdsman saw what had taken place and later reported it to the king.

Sometimes desperate people do desperate things. David went from Nob to the Philistine city of Gath and to Achish, the king. When the king’s servants pointed out that he was David the king, he pretended to be insane. That allowed him some time to move on.

During his flight, David wrote other psalms. He lamented the fact that his enemies were seeking his destruction. Even in his wretched condition, David put his trust in God to care for him. He declared that he would continue to praise God because He had saved David’s soul from death in order that he could continue to walk with Him.

As David began another psalm, he invited his readers to join him in praising God. He pointed out that those who fear/respect and seek God have no reason to fear/be afraid of others. Those who do not have a proper respect for God are instructed to guard themselves from evil and seek to do good. He sees and cares for the righteous, but turns His face against the evil ones. No one is exempt from troubles and afflictions, but the Lord delivers the righteous and condemns the wicked.