Apr. 24. David’s Continuous Exile

I Sam. 23:1-29; Ps. 63:1-11

The Philistines began to rob the threshing floors of the city of Keilah. That was a severe blow to their food supply. After inquiring from God, David and his now six-hundred-man army attacked the Philistines and saved the inhabitants of the city.

Saul, in his relentless effort to kill David imagined that he would be an easy target surrounded by the walls of Keilah. Upon hearing the counsel of God, David and his men departed and went into the mountainous wilderness of Ziph to escape the king and his men.

While in Ziph, Saul’s son, Jonathan came to David to encourage him. They made a covenant and Jonathan pledged his loyalty to the future king.

David then moved on to another desolated area in the wilderness of Maon and from there to En Gedi where there were many caves in which to hide. Saul was forced to abandon his pursuit of David because of an invasion of the Philistines against his land.

During David’s flight from Saul, he had periods of time for meditation upon God and His protective love for him. In one of his psalms, David wrote of his dependence upon God when he was in a dry and thirsty land.

God’s children recognize His power and glory and are eager to express their praise to Him. David praised God and rejoiced for His protection under His wings. He had faith that God would continue to deliver him from those who sought to take his life and that they would fall by the sword.