Apr. 24. Palace and other Buildings Constructed

I Kin. 7:1-12; 9:10-28; II Chron. 8:1-18

Solomon had a master plan for the construction of many buildings during his reign as king of Israel. With the first and foremost building, the temple of God being dedicated after seven years of building, he turned his attention to building the palace complex which involved another thirteen years. It was near the temple and included the royal palace, the House of the Forest of Lebanon, Hall of Pillars, Hall of Judgment for his throne and a house for Pharaoh’s daughter whom he had married.

Those were elaborate structures built of costly and large stones, cedar pillars and paneled with cedar. Some of the stones were eighteen feet in length.

The partnership with Hiram continued to flourish with exchanges of gifts and Hiram furnishing labor for Solomon’s many projects. Israel’s king continued to prosper as he led the people in God’s paths.

Solomon accomplished many other tasks. He fortified other cities with walls, gates and bars. The inhabitants of the land who were not Israelites were used in the strenuous construction labor. Solomon’s armies and governmental assistants were taken from the Israelite population. He and his people enjoyed a period of great prosperity and progress during his reign as king.