Apr. 25. Queen of Sheba Impressed by Solomon and his Glory

I Kin. 10:1-29; II Chron. 9:1-28

With God’s promise of wisdom, glory and great riches, it seems that everything Solomon touched turned into additional wealth. His fame spread far and wide.

Sheba was a kingdom in the southwestern area of the Arabian Peninsula in what is now Yemen. The queen of Sheba hearing the reports of his great wisdom went to Jerusalem to test Solomon and to determine for herself if the things that she had heard were actually true. She was so impressed with his wisdom and the proficiency with which he operated, she stated, “It is a true report…However, I did not believe the words…indeed the half was not told me…” The queen also recognized that it was not just Solomon, but that the God of Israel had blessed him and his people.

Another reason for the queen’s visit was probably to strengthen commercial ties between the two kingdoms. She and Solomon exchanged gifts that probably preceded more extensive commercial trade.

Solomon’s fame continued throughout the region, especially southward into Arabia. His wealth increased through gifts from other kings and through commerce.