Apr. 4. Inheritance Distribution

Josh. 13:1-17:18

Even though the Israelites had conquered a large amount of land, there was much more to be possessed. God reassured Joshua that He would continue to drive the remaining inhabitants out. However, the people failed to completely destroy some of the natives and they repeatedly caused trouble for the children of Israel.

The tribes of Reuben, Gad and half of Manasseh having already received their inheritance, God commanded Joshua to divide the land among the remaining tribes by lots. Seven years had possibly passed since they had first entered the Promised Land. Eleazar, the high priest supervised the distribution of the land to the people. Joshua worked with the heads of the tribes as the borders were defined. Caleb received a special inheritance of Hebron that Moses had promised him because of his faithfulness as a spy many years earlier. Judah was the next tribe to receive their inheritance. The Levites did not receive any land, except for cities for their dwelling places. They were supported by the sacrifices of the other tribes.

The next lot fell to Ephraim and the other half tribe of Manasseh, the children of Joseph. After being informed of the scope of their inheritance, Joseph’s sons objected to the size of their land. Joshua yielded to their request for more land and added the mountain country with its forests to them.