Apr. 4. Solomon’s Prosperity, Wisdom and Military Power

I Kin. 4:1-34; II Chron. 1:13-17

When David had become king forty years earlier, the Israelite kingdom was divided. Judah accepted him as their king, but the remaining tribes anointed Saul’s son, Ishbosheth to succeed their father as their king. After seven years, he was overthrown and David became king of all the reunited Israel. Through David’s strong leadership, the kingdom remained united and Solomon was able to become king of all Israel.

After appointing his many leadership positions, Solomon presided over God’s people during a peaceful era.

It is difficult to imagine the great wisdom and wealth that he possessed. He had forty thousand stalls of horses for his chariots. There were twelve thousand horsemen. He appointed twelve governors to provide for his household and guests. Each governor was responsible for one month’s service during the year.

Solomon’s God-given wisdom excelled the wisdom of all men. He was the author of many great literary works. “And men of all nations…came to hear the wisdom of Solomon.”