Are We Afraid to Discuss Sex Biblically?

Chris Gallagher has a good post at his blog about sex. He is pondering why so few ever talk about the Song of Solomon. As he says, so many fail to study the book because of its overtly sexual content.

He writes:

My own theory is that churches have “over taught” the negative effects of sex without finding balance in the way that sex is applied to marriage. Many people I have talked too, from young to elderly, have never heard a balanced view of sex; instead they are used to the “don’t” aspect of sex. This is where my theory comes into view, have churches over taught the negatives and sex so much that followers of Christ miss the positive aspects of sex?

He has a compelling point. We talk a lot about the sin of fornication (Hebrews 13:4), but almost never discuss sex in a healthy way. Sex is discussed everywhere in our society, to the point of obsession. The world of advertising is saturated with it and even “family” shows have frequent sexual innuendos. Children hear sexual talk all day in school. Their generation sees sex as expected and commonplace.

Yet, so few Christians ever talk about sex in their homes [we do in our home] and especially in their Bible classes and sermons. Preachers often want to talk about it and they realize the need, but they know the resistance they will receive. They will likely be fired if they preach on a healthy sexual relationship and/or be labeled as a pervert.

We are afraid to discuss this topic and then wonder why our children act out sexually. We don’t arm our children with the proper information, so they can be ready when they face temptation.

Moreover,  we have sexless marriages in our congregations on the brink of divorce and Christians consumed with guilt and shame when they have no reason to be.

Let’s grow up and stop being afraid of talking about this very important topic that is desperately needed. If we hear 1,000 voices proclaiming evil and complete silence for what is right, we cannot expect righteousness to be the result.

God created sex and it is a human need that is to be satisfied within marriage with great joy and pleasure. We shouldn’t be afraid to say that. Sex is a wonderful blessing from God. Yet, it can also be used in a sinful way that brings tragedy and heartache.

Sexual purity and abstinence need to be taught. Yet, we must be clear as to why we should engage in sexual behavior within the proper context.

Do you agree that we need to find a way to discuss it from our pulpits? I do a lot of writing on the subject of sex, but I meet with opposition and silence from some, who are afraid of the topic.

What about us? Do we talk about it with our children, in a positive and a negative way?

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