Are you needing to suffer?

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

It was good for me to suffer, so that I might learn your statutes. The law you have revealed is more important to me than thousands of pieces of gold and silver. Psalm 119.71-72

We are such fickle creatures! Many times, when things are going well, we may not even think to thank God for his blessings much less spend large amounts of time in prayer. We seem to forget that he is the source of our blessings and even of life itself.

That changes drastically if we are called to suffer. We may go to God in prayer questioning why something is happening or what we did to deserve what we are going through. Very rarely do we think of it as something good! However the the author of this psalm writes that it was good to suffer. What? Why would you even think that much less say it? Because many times, in the midst of suffering we turn back to God. We spend more time reading his word and yes, learning his statutes. We spend more time in prayer and more time thinking about God which is always a good thing.

How important is God’s word to you? The psalmist ranks it as more important than thousands of pieces of gold and silver. We spend time with things that are important to us. How much time do you spend in God’s word? In prayer? Are you needing to suffer? May we learn even more the importance and value of time spent in God’s presence.

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