Arguments that sound reasonable

I say this so that no one will deceive you through arguments that sound reasonable” Col 2.4.

False arguments are made to sound reasonable. If they didn’t appear to be plausible, no one would believe them.

So progressives state their positions in the most positive terms, while hiding their hatred of God’s word and arrogance of pride.

And atheists couch their atheism in high-sounding terms and concepts, to mask their rejection of the knowledge of God.

And the immoral conceal their refusal to live in the holiness of God with speeches about love and tolerance and acceptance.

Reasonable sounding arguments have only the “appearance of wisdom” Col 2.23, not its substance. Paul and the other inspired men wrote to help people discern between truth and error. “I say this so that no one will deceive you …”

Don’t be deceived. God means what he says. He speaks clearly and insistently. He works for our good.

In Christ we have his fullness. Don’t fall for false arguments that merely sound good. Receive Christ and live fully and faithfully in him.

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