Articles on Jesus statue hit by lightning

Two articles have appeared today about that Jesus statue near Cincinnati that was hit by lightning and destroyed by fire. Tim Hall’s LightGram today, “Reflections from the Fire,” took the tack with “warnings in the Bible against placing trust in visible objects instead of in God.” Writes Tim,

Instead of spending precious resources on material icons, wouldn’t it be wiser to focus on faith – that which can’t be seen with our eyes? Paul obviously thought so: “For we walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7). The New Testament never encouraged anyone to fashion images to lead people to God. It does urge us to develop our faith through the revelation God has given us (Romans 10:17).

His article, sent out today by email, should be posted later this evening on the website of the congregation where he works.

A Twitter friend linked to a second article, by an author and congregation I’m not familiar with (nothing bad or unusual about that), “Lessons From a Lightning-Struck Statue of Jesus,” by Tim Haile (similarity of name quite coincidential, no?). He deals with the idea of such an event being an “act of God.”

Both are well worth reading. This news seems to offer a good teaching moment for classes and sermons.

Have you seen anything out there by other brethren like these articles? Please post links if you have.

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