As for favorites I think it’s a toss up…

As for favorites I think it’s a toss up between the ones John and Mike suggested. Since those have been mentioned I will go with most intriguing. I’m fascinated with the appearance we find in Daniel 10. The immediate response of God to Daniel’s request is touching. The 3 week delay brings me to the intriguing part.

Do we underestimate the powers of darkness to hinder even the angels of heaven? Can we even imagine the fierceness of the battle as these unseen powers go head to head? Joe Beam describes in much detail what he believes is happening in his book _Seeing the Unseen_. I feel he goes beyond what we can possibly know from the Scriptures, so I’m not necessarily recommending the book.

While I believe Joe represents one extreme, too many of us are on the other extreme. We ignore the clear teaching of scripture, as to the power and influence of the evil one and his cohorts, to our own detriment.

What are your thoughts?

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