As to what I am best at – I do not know….

As to what I am best at – I do not know. I am not a good judge of what I consider to be my best talent. Though I believe in my ability to do certain things, I choose to look at my capabilities like this: There are things I think I can do well, but there are many things I wish I could do (or be) better at. There are many things I work hard at, and there are some things that I don’t work so hard at. I believe there are some things I do well, some not. More than not, I am always looking more at my failings and what I can do to make those failings something other than a failing.

This gets me to a point that I would like to make in athletics. An athlete might recognize that he or she is not the best at their sport of interest (or sports of interest), but this does not mean that modesty (humility) reigns. On the other hand (oth), there are athletes that feel they are the best at their particular sport, and this does not mean that modesty (humility) is lacking. A person must believe in his or her ability to be good at what they do. If one is a teacher, then let that teacher believe that she is very good at what she does. In saying this, it in no way suggests that improvements can’t be made, and it in no way suggests that others can’t help one along.

Stephen is very good at mathematics, Randal is very good at linguistics, Richard is very good at farming, etc. Me, oth, am very good with coffee and donuts!

Let each of us be a Barnabas.

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