Atheism and a meaningless word ('evil')

Since there are no absolute moral values to the atheist, agnostic, or even the secularists, then all values a person has is relative to that person. There is nothing obligatory in the values of one to be followed by another. This is the case because, as one atheist wrote, “Claiming that there is any standard that is objective and transcendent of man, set forth by God, is plain and simply a lie.”

Yet, this empty statement is one that can’t win the day, and is self-defeating. For instance, in an article dated February 15 (A-3, Herald & Review), a humanist chaplain felt compelled to rewrite the ten commandments for the 21st century. Why would such a one (or ones) need to do something like this if values are relative to the individual? This is done because of the moral bankruptcy of a subjective/relativist moral code that has origin in man.

The statement is also empty for another reason. In a news report the evil Islamic State captured 90 Christians (A-2, Journal Gazette, 2.26.2015). An atheist ascribes the meaningless word “evil” to something that they can’t objectively say is evil at all! The best they can do is say it is “evil” to them. To an atheist, one’s moral code is subjective and relative to oneself. If the community of the Islamic State (a collection of individuals) condones and participates in the beheading of innocent people, then that “moral” behavior is codified (written or unwritten), thus becoming sort of a subjective “moral” law. What can atheists say to judge it as immoral, since they don’t believe in a moral code higher than man? Only that they think it is immoral.

Finally, the statement is empty of substance because there is no way to judge as immoral a Catholic priest for possessing child pornography (A-3, Journal-Gazette, 2.27.2015). On what basis would the priest, or anyone, be wrong when an individual “valued” it to be acceptable?

The atheistic moral code is a lot like one who asserts that life can come from non-life. This is a physical/material impossibility. Think about that for just a moment. An atheist wants a moral code that can successfully judge between right and wrong – but they have none. An atheist also wants life from non-life – but they can’t get that either.

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