Atheist responds to JAM post – JAM

The trouble with Internet posting is you don’t often grasp how far-reaching the post is. A few weeks ago I posted the following: “A November (15, 2010) USA Today editorial headline declared: “Religious people are better neighbors”. Are they? The answer is no if you listen to a growing new profession: the professional atheist. This is an atheist who makes his living aggressively attacking religious faith. For instance, Christopher Hitchens argues “religion poisons everything”. However, the truth says otherwise. Christians do not spend all their time in church. They are the first to help the poor and elderly and the help the most. They are more involved in volunteer school and youth programs. They donate more blood, aid the jobless more, and on the list could go. Religious people, particularly Christians make the best neighbors. Get in trouble and who are you gonna call? An atheist? ”. I had moved on and forgotten about it. But over the weekend I received a response and it turns out to be from an atheist. He argues: “Well, actually, Harris is arguing not that there were people who did terrible things, and they happened to be religious; he’s arguing that these people are doing such things directly because of their religion. He’s saying that, using the Bible as an example, there are justifications in this book for all kinds of human atrocities and it is also supposed to be the perfect word of the creator of the Universe.” I am grateful that the writer narrowed the field to the Bible, because I would not want to defend any other religion. He claims the Bible justifies and motivates atrocities, but offers no example. On the other hand, what we do find is a God who says the 2nd greatest command is to love your neighbor as yourself. We discover God defending the widows and orphans and encouraging kindness to foreigners. We read of Jesus telling us to love even our enemies and helping those in need. I challenge any atheist to survey the public where Christian faith is strongest and ask “Does Christian faith and practice make this world better or worse?”


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