Aug. 11. Bildad Speaks and Job Answers

Job 18:1-19:29

Bildad rebuked Job for his many words of denial. In his eyes, Job had rejected their counsel as foolishness. However, even they were serving Satan by adding to Job’s mental misery. He then renewed and repeated the charges that he and the other two friends had leveled against the suffering Job. Truly, the punishment of the wicked as Bildad described it is certain and universal as it includes all sinners from the far east to the far west. He continued to ignore the fact that many times innocent people do suffer hardships and afflictions.

“But I don’t know a thing in this whole wide world That’s worse than being alone.” Those words from a popular hymn describe the feeling that Job expressed as he replied to the scathing words of his “friend” Bildad. As a once respected patriarch, he lamented his position as being alienated from God, family, servants and friends. Even in his lamentation, Job remained hopeful that his innocence would result in the Redeemer eventually rescuing him from his torment. He had faith in a future new body with God. In closing his reply, he warned his friends of the danger of their being punished for their persecution of him.