Aug. 11. Review of the Gospel

Aug. 11. Review of the Gospel I Cor. 15:1-34

The next area of response that Paul made to the Corinthians was a review of the gospel. Some of them had doubts as to the reality of the resurrection. In order to rebuild and strengthen their faith, he started at the very foundation of Christianity.

Paul reminded the Corinthians that he had presented the gospel to them just as he had received it—directly from Christ by divine revelation. Jesus had left heaven and had come to earth to live among men and to die for their sins. After dying, He was buried and rose from the dead on the third day according to the prophecies of the Scriptures. He stated that they must continue in that gospel.

The facts of the gospel were borne out by witnesses—the Old Testament prophecies, various individuals, the apostles, five hundred others and last of all, Paul had seen the risen Christ. He stated that he was unworthy to be an apostle because he had persecuted the church. By the grace of God, he was serving in that position and he was working more abundantly than the other apostles because of his feelings of guilt.

Paul turned to logic to further explain the necessity for the Corinthians to accept the resurrection of Christ. He stated that he had preached Christ as risen from the dead. However, if there is no resurrection, He did not rise from the dead, which made Paul’s preaching and their faith empty.

Furthermore, if Christ had not been resurrected, the Corinthians and everyone else who had trusted and obeyed the gospel would still be in their sins. Paul and the other apostles and preachers would be suffering needless persecutions for a lost cause.

If there is no resurrection, man could live like animals and enjoy the present because after death they would cease to exist. They were wasting their time and effort on an imposter.

Paul affirmed that Christ had indeed risen from the dead. Because of the sin of Adam, all men die, but through the resurrection of Christ, all men will be resurrected to life and death will be destroyed.

The Corinthians were instructed to avoid those who would corrupt the truth. Such companionship would cause them to be confused and follow their false doctrine.