Aug. 15. Paul’s Second Letter to Church at Corinth

II Cor. 1:1-24

Paul had left Ephesus with a heavy heart because of the persecution that was beginning against the church there and of his concern for the Corinthian church. He had hoped to meet Titus at Troas with encouraging news from Corinth, but he had not arrived when Paul got there. They then journeyed on to Macedonia where he did meet Titus.

After receiving a good report from Titus about Corinth, Paul along with Timothy began his letter to the Corinthian church. Since some of the Jews did not accept Paul as an apostle, he began by stating that he was indeed an apostle by God’s will or authority.

With his recent encounter with Demetrius and the worshippers of Diana fresh on his mind, Paul related how he had suffered for the Corinthians. He had been comforted by the fact that they had endured their own persecutions. Those who suffer are better equipped to comfort others who suffer and Christ will comfort all.

Paul reported the hardships that he had suffered at Ephesus and how God had delivered him from certain death at the hands of the Ephesians. He thanked the Corinthians for their prayers on his behalf, which also had helped to save him.

Original plans had been for Paul to go to Corinth on his way to Macedonia and to return through Corinth on his way to Judea. Since these plans had changed, some of the troublemakers at Corinth had continued to question his integrity as an apostle and his willingness to face them.

Paul assured the Corinthians that these changes were not through his own wisdom, but that his actions had been directed by God. They needed the additional time before his visit to make the corrections that he had called for in his first letter.