Aug. 17. Glories in God’s Land

Ps. 84:1-85:13; 87:1-7

At that point in Israel’s history, life had greatly improved. The exiles who had remained in Babylon were doing well under Ahasuerus and Mordecai and those in Jerusalem had rebuilt the temple and were once again close to God. Although the dates of writing are unknown, these psalms picture the beauty of being in a right relationship with God.

The psalmist longed to be in the presence of God in His house. As the birds find refuge in their nests, man finds refuge and safety with God. He stated that being merely a doorkeeper in the house of the Lord is better than all of the imagined joys of dwelling with the wicked. “Blessed is the man who trusts in You!”

Israel had been brought back from captivity. The psalmist prayed for a revival of his people to the Lord. One may be forgiven by God, but still feel guilt for past iniquities. His anger ceases and His mercy covers those sins when one repents and continues walking with Him. He supplies our needs.

Zion/Jerusalem was the city of God. He dwelt in His temple in that city. What could be more glorious than to be in His presence in that place? Those whose physical birth was in Jerusalem were special, but one’s birth in spiritual Zion, the church are promised a more glorious reward.