Aug. 18. Jesus Calls for Total Commitment

Lk. 14:15-35

While still in the Pharisee’s home, Jesus taught another parable about a great supper. Those select people who were invited to the supper made excuses and rejected the invitation to come. In the parable, they represented
the Jewish people to whom Jesus had specifically urged to accept His teaching.

Jesus foretold in the latter part of the parable how the Gentiles (non- Jewish people) would be invited and accepted into God’s kingdom.

As Christ meandered on His journey back to Jerusalem, He repeated some of the principles that He had taught earlier while in Galilee.

We are to love our parents, families, friends and even ourselves, but we are to be totally committed to Christ and to love Him more.

He taught that we are to realize the importance of faithful service and to follow Him even in the face of persecution and suffering and that we must finish what we begin.