Aug. 2. The Family of Esau

Gen. 36:1-43

Jacob and Esau continued to dwell together for a period of time in the land of Canaan after their reunion. However, sometime after Isaac’s death, their cattle and other possessions became too great for them to remain on the same land. Esau took his family and possessions and moved to Mt. Seir.

God had promised Esau a great nation. He had married at least three wives and had become known as Edom. The descendants of his five sons were known as the Edomites. Through intermarriage with other nations, they also had a great presence among them. Even though Esau left Jacob on friendly terms, his descendants later became bitter enemies of the Israelites.

The Old Testament Scriptures deal with the lineage of the Son of God and His plan for the salvation of man. Since Esau was not of that lineage, we have no other recordings of his life or death.