Aug. 25. Signs from God

Jer. 32:1-33:26; 23:1-8

While imprisoned in the court of the king’s prison, the Lord instructed Jeremiah to buy some land. In those days land was purchased by those with the right of inheritance within the families of the owner. Apparently, Jeremiah was attempting to claim that property when he was arrested and put in prison. That was a sign that God would eventually allow the people to return to the land that He had given to them many centuries earlier. With family members and witnesses present, Jeremiah, through faith in God presented the purchase price and the deed was sealed. It is impressive that legal acts today are still recorded much the same way as they were thousands of years ago.

God again reminded Jeremiah of the reasons behind His anger against His people. He also described the vast destruction of Jerusalem. The city, including the temple had become defiled by the worship of idols. Molech worship was especially evil in the sacrificing and burning of little children to that false god. However, in future times the nations opposing Israel and Judah would fall and the remaining captives would return to their homeland.

Another sign of the restoration of God’s people was His reaffirmation of His covenant with them. The near future would be their restoration to their earthly kingdom, but reference was also made to the establishment of, “A Branch of righteousness.” “Behold the days are coming…His name by which He will be called: THE LORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.” That was looking forward to Christ and His kingdom, the church.